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Recent Updates

Revisit of Armstrong Cork. I needed a peeling paint photo for something I was working. This building is/was the Cathedral of Peeling Paint so out I went. The building has been boarded up since the last time I was there so its dark and the peling paint has fallen off the walls to a great degree and the paint chips on the floor that used to crunch under your feet like dry leaves are now just crumbs. That damn cat is still there but didnt scare me like the last time. I got bit by a mosquito while setting up a shot in a dirty bathroom, bloody mess, I stuck myself with a rusty screw, bloody mess, and tromped through poison ivy getting there. This all for a peeling paint photo that I may or may not use for a Twitter background!

Armstrong Cork 10/09

Revisit of Cranberry Specialty Hospital (see post below for other details). This building is in tough shape! Since the last time I was there it has been subject to two fires and a major roof collapse. I'm told that one exterior wall is about to cave and that the structural deficiencies make it a dangerous place to be in. There are tall weeds and vines all through the upper levels. You cant even get into the other half of the building depending on which end you gain entry from. The collapse goes all the way down into the basement so my advice is to skip your visit. I have posted a handful of photos at the link below.

Cranberry Specialty Hospital 8/09

Cranberry Specialty Hospital, also known as the Plymouth County State Hospital. This facility has been closed for about 15 years now and is in limbo as the town tries to find a good use for the land and recoup some of the money spent on the property. The facility and patients were merged into other state hospitals in the area.

Cranberry Specialty Hospital

Yankee Book Shop prior to demolition to make way for a Walgreens, diagonally across from a CVS. I have been told that this house had a hidden staircase that was used as part of the underground railroad. It is hard to see it in the pictures because it was filled in with books and other junk. This is also the place where I managed to tear my miniscus for the second time so it has additional special meaning to me.

Yankee Book Shop

Belchertown State School at the onset of demolition, asbestos removal and other prep work had already started.

Belchertown State School

Continental Mattress Company seems to have had mini-turbines or machines that generated their own power/electricity with a brook. Two outfall pipes send the brook out from under the building and on to the street. This equipment was mostly in the dark so a flash was necessary, giving them a deep reef dive look.

Continental Mattress

Middlesex Sanitarium at the onset of demolition, asbestos removal and other prep work had already started.

Middlesex Sanitarium

Steinert Music Hall on Boylston Street. This theatre/music hall is below street level, has been unused for decades, and has been severely flooded twice. All color photos are available in black and white. If interested in having black and white, please indicate this in the "Special Instructions" box on the Print Order Form page.

Steinert Music Hall

Boston Insulated Wire building. This group of photos also has some great dirty bathrooms that are now part of the "Bathroom Series" for sale on the "Best Sellers" page.

Boston Insulated Wire

Whitman Castings Foundry, this a fully operational foundry that pours everyday. There are some cool robot looking machines there and the boilers have cool logos on them. There are some good shots of cables, a big gear wheel, and of course, toilets.

Whitman Castings

Armstrong Cork Company building, has been abandoned since approximately 1990-92? A newspaper clipping tacked to an employees locker door boasted 'Storm of the Century' Hits Area." The factory had been previously visited by the usual cast of characters that made sure the place was well ventilated. I put together a panoramic view of one of the spaces, I was using my short lens so it is some what distorted. The room is actually a rectangle, not an "W," as the panorama may lead you to believe.

Armstrong Cork

5/2004  New Order Forms are also up for anyone looking to purchase prints or license an image. The form collects necessary information and e-mails it to me. You proceed to a PayPal account and upon receipt of the funds I will send a confirmation e-mail and shipping information.

Order Forms

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